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if ya like randome photo's plz looky!!!

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this is something my friend :icontani-wolf: made involving my ocs :D

What's your favourite colour?

A. [] Red

B. [] Blue

C. [] Green

D. [] Other


Which day job would you most likely have?


A. [] Auto Mechanic

B. [] Security Guard

C. [] Bouncer

D. [] CEO


Which of theses foods?

A. [] Seafood

B. [] Meat

C. [] Greens

D. [] All the above


On your day off, what would you be caught doing?

A. [] Watch TV/video games

B. [] Go for a walk/jog

C. [] Read/paint

D. [] Sleep/relax


What color is your hair?

A. [] Red

B. [] Blonde

C. [] Brown

D. [] Other


What would you rather NOT do?

A. [] Extra work hours

B. [] Workout

C. [] Sit through something I don't like

D. [] Clean/chores


What element suits you?

A. [] Fire/lava

B. [] Water/ice

C. [] Earth/rock

D. [] Air/electric


Which animal suits your personality?


A. [] Dog: happy go lucky, outgoing, loyal

B. [] Cat: Lazy, lonely, courageous

C. [] Bird: free, graceful, soothing

D. [] Fish: Simple minded, calm, wild


Attractions: Which hair colour you find the most attractive?


A. [] Blonde/light

B. [] Readhead/ginger

C. [] Brunette/black

D. [] Any


Which landscape would you be found in?


A. [] Jungle

B. [] Forest

C. [] Desert

D. [] Rockies


How creative are you?


A. [] Not at all

B. [] In between

C. [] Very much

D. [] Not sure


How romantic are you?


A. [] Not very much

B. [] In between

C. [] Very much so

D. [] I'm all about the passion/sex




A. [] They are fine

B. [] I love them

C. [] They are ok

D. [] Not so much into them


What would be your choice of pet?


A. [] Cat/kitten

B. [] Dog/puppy

C. [] Snake/reptile

D. [] Bird/fish


Party time! How do other see you at a party?


A. [] Drunk, laughing, bubbly

B. [] Dance, chat, relaxed

C. [] Calm, cool, but having a great time

D. [] Singing, being the dj, jamming


What grosses you out?


A. [] Slobber/drool

B. [] Nasty smells

C. [] Bugs/worms

D. [] Sticky/smiley things




A. [] It's ok

B. [] I'd love to

C. [] Maybe

D. [] It's not for me


Which would you rather live in?


A. [] House

B. [] Condo

C. [] Apartment

D. [] Mansion




A. [] Derby, racing, monster trucks, muddingTrack, field, running, biking

B. [] Track, field, running, biking

C. [] Ball games, soccer, football, basketball

D. [] Swimming, diving, water polo, scuba


Which car would you own?


A. [] Hummer

B. [] Pontiac

C. [] Volkswagen

D. [] Mercedes




The A's = Savage: [/20]

The B's = Vicious: [/20]

The C's = Feral: [/20]

The D's = Sever: [/20]


Whoops! You're not a brother but a very close friend that can easily be one of the triplets, Sever! Your element is electric yet your outer appearance and personality can seem more light and pure like air or sun. You are a now close friend and the good twin, not the evil twin Specter was. You're colours are teal, white and purple, you are a boss at your job and like to help out others, just like a doctor which you secretly are too. You are sexy, fun, sweet, gentle yet very sly like a fox. Birds make you feel free and make you want to sing and dance. You like women, fine things in life and the most expensive but there is a very humbling side to you as well. You hate to be alone and can get spooked easily, superstitious you may be but it doesn't stop you for being very openminded. You rather have a open marriage idea because you just can't get enough when it comes to passion, sex and flirting. Sly as a fox, music and having a good time is your thing and what people like to think of you as. You are living a rockstars life and relish every moment and take nothing for granted. You will help others, its part of your job, and you are brave to stand up for what you believe in and not afraid of others judging you. You must remember to stay alert and safe, you seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and slightly cocky is ok but don't let it grow.


You are most like Feral! The baby of the family. Your element is earth, you are creative and artistic and love nature. You enjoy romance, peace, simple things and anything that makes you or someone you care about smile. You are a true gentleman, shy and unsure at times but you'll do a lot to protect others. You are the most sensitive, caring and are a gentle flower. Canines you'd love to have as your companion, you rather be with your friends or partner. You like to eat veggies and meat the same, if you had to choose between hurting someone of saving someone you'd defiantly would save. Your colours are green, brown and yellow. You can be so naive and timid when it comes to speaking and thankfully the least aggressive. You are a peace maker and the least talented when it comes to fighting abilities but it doesn't slow you done at all. You like everything fair, you are kind, emotionally the strongest and like being around children as much as nature. You deeply care about your loved ones and you are not scared to show your tears or joy/sadness. You wouldn't mind having children or pets and focus on the real important things in life rather than the joys of life. You don't have much downsides but you have to be careful because at times you cannot dig yourself out of the hole which you've caused.


You are most like Vicious! The second oldest out of the brothers. Your element is ice, you are great with monitoring, guarding and keeping a sharp eye. You enjoy to work out and get out and have a good long run, meat, often the most distant of the brothers, and coldblooded creatures go fine with you. You can be brave as well as serious but inside, a real sweet family man is there. You seem to know always what to say and do out of the group. You like being with family and your loved ones yet can be fine on your own. Sometimes you are a little quiet and not because you are shy, you are the least fancy and the most advanced when it comes to modern tech. Computers and electronics is your thing also you are the least to pick on or judge someone. Blue, white and silver are your colours, you learn with your ears and mentally the strongest, you use it as a weapon at times. Distant at times, don't be afraid to come out. You can be cold and heartless when angered, it takes you time to cool off, you can make people nervous. You've had a very sad and rough past but you bounced back because of love. After work you love to come home to your family, spouse and home to relax and share great times. You are the least to be attracted to any other person besides your spouse. You are the most modern, wise and loyal out of the bunch. Don't let that vicious side of you come back.


You are most like Savage! The first born out of the brothers. Your element is fire, you are great with cars and machinery, sports, felines and enjoys lots of sushi. You can be hotheaded and selfish at times yet you have a heart of gold underneath. Must remember to think before you do something you'll regret. You like attention, hummers and getting with the ladies yet you tend to stay true to the one you are in a relationship with. You are more physically strong than your brothers and tend to us your body as a weapon or to show where you stand in life. You are more hands on, a bit unsure at times and often be the one who starts trouble in the group or bullies but you will do anything for your loved ones. Your colours are red, blue and orange. Your lifestyle is simple but you seem to have a lot of luck on your side. Courageous and brave, humours and silly you defiantly have a sweet side to you that charms others. You often would be seen relaxing, sleeping or watching tv. You are the life of the party, all attention goes to you and you relish it. Remember to think smart, act smart, speak smart and do the smart things. You love competition and anything wild and free. You are also the most skilled when it comes to your powers, and have a warriors fighting spirit. You are a roller coster of emotions. Don't let your faults over rule you.

I tag everyone to take this = w =

  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Manowar
  • Reading: World of Warcraft: War Crimes
  • Watching: Mountain Men
  • Playing: Diablo III
  • Eating: need something cold!!
  • Drinking: ice water.


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I'm Toshi the Wolf. my main character in a ninja werewolf. i'm on a chat website known as i like rping, watching movies, reading, playing card games, video games and some other stuff.

Current Residence: Altoona
Favourite genre of music: metal, folk, punk, rock, alternative, and soundtracks
Favourite photographer: my friend Trent
Favourite style of art: maa?
Operating System: maa?
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: turtle
Wallpaper of choice:…
Skin of choice: wolf
Favourite cartoon character: i have alot of them
Personal Quote: Mess with the wolf, ya get the fangs!!!!!!


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